The original bible did not contain homophobia, misogyny or the concept of hell: just the beautiful simple message of love.



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Misogynistic Interpolations in the Epistles of Paul: pdf version html version
This two page article talks about interpolations (extra passages of text added to documents by ancient scribes) and explains how such inserted passages can be identified. Three misogynistic interpolations in the bible are analysed as examples.

The History of the Christian Bible: pdf version html version
Jesus warned us that false teachers would come after him to corrupt his message; he told us to identify them by their deeds - Luke 6:34-45. Just a couple of centuries later Catholic religious leaders gained political influence, and used it to exterminate and suppress rival faiths, plunging Europe into the Dark Ages. The very same Catholic religious leaders selected the books found in the bibles of all mainstream Christian groups (including Protestants and the Orthodox Church). This article looks at this issue closely and in depth; it also reviews the writings and attitudes of numerous other influential Christians (from various era's) who influenced the contents of the bible. The overall goal of the article is to comprehensively outline why the modern mainstream bible cannot be trusted as a source of spiritual teaching. The article assumes that the reader has little background knowledge, and also sketches a history of the various branches of Christianity that may be useful to people who know little about the subject. The article is very long however (49 pages, 26,842 words) and though it explains the motivation behind my work (the untrustworthiness of the traditional bible), it does not discuss the solution (the methods by which the corruption can be identified and removed). You may want to consider skipping ahead to the more interesting articles that do.

Introduction to the Marcionite Bible: pdf version html version <---- This is the important one!
If you only have time to read one of the articles on this site, then this is the one to read. It discusses the Marcionite bible - the first Christian bible ever compiled. The article examines passages from the Marcionite version of Romans and The Marcionite Gospel; showing the evidence that the Marcionite version of the text is the original and that the traditional version of the same texts have been enlarged by the insertion of extra material. The homophobic passage in Romans 1 and the misogynistic passage in 1 Corinthians 11 are examined as examples of corrupt texts. The article is 14 pages long, and also contains a general discussion of corruption issues and how authentic Christian teachings and sacred writings can be restored.

The Origin of the Marcionites: pdf version html version
The purpose of this 13 page article is to address the question: “If the early Catholics made major changes to the epistles of Paul, then why did only the Marcionites notice?” I address this issue in two ways: Firstly by challenging the dates traditionally assigned to the origins of the Marcionite movement, and secondly by challenging the assumption that the Catholic version of the epistles of Paul was widely distributed and accepted early on in Christian history. My conclusions are that the Catholic version of the epistles of Paul did not become widely distributed and accepted until long after the establishment of the Marcionite movement. A Catholic editor could easily have made changes to the text before the epistles of Paul were accepted in Catholic circles. This article looks at several ancient sources in depth; it assumes that the reader already understands some of the background information about those sources; some readers may struggle to follow, but the article History of the Christian Bible may help fill in some of the background information if necessary.

Marcion's Accusers: pdf version html version
The Catholics who opposed Marcion (founder of the Marcionite movement) accused him of being a heretic, of inventing new ideas, altering the scriptures, and diverging from orthodoxy. Naturally the Marcionites (his followers) saw things differently, but their account of history has not survived (they were all killed when the Catholics gained political power). The purpose of this article is to challenge some of the accusations and misunderstandings that continue to tarnish the name of the Marcionites to this day; most importantly I wish to challenge the widespread misconception that the Marcionites were anti-Semitic.

The Root of the Corruption: pdf version html version
This article is intended for people who are already aware of the evidence that the traditional Bible is corrupt and know a little bit about the Marcionites. It looks at the Christians of the first and second centuries, and describes the conflicts and divisions that existed between them. It particularly focuses on the origins of "Catholic" Christianity, and explains how the traditional version of the bible came to be in such a corrupt state.

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